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Mountain range of Emerências
The Mountain of the Emerências in Buzios is part of the greater and more important reserve of Pau-Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro territory, it shelters typical and rare units of Atlantic Mata and restinga.
In this region the almost extinct Micos Golden Lions can be found and for incredible that it seems, many trees of Pau-Brazil.

A decree creating the APA of Pau-Brazil was signed, it protects six beaches and six islands of the coast of Cabo Frio and Buzios. This decree prevents the deforestations, hunts, land divisions, opening of roads, mining and activities, at least in the next five years, stated period for the elaboration of the plan of handling of the APA.

The mountain range characterizes for small coastal bulks of precambric origin, being distinguished endemic specimens (the only place of the world where you can find it), as the cacti "Piloso Sereus Ulei". In protected places of the wind, where the sand movement is less, the vegetation develops more, predominating shrubs and trees.
Inside of the APA are 12 thousand square meters of reserve of pau-Brazil, that is searched by a team of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro.
The protecting band is one of the 14 endemic rich areas of Brazil considered in vegetation and center of diversity of plants. Of the 14 areas, only two are in the State of Rio: Atlantic Mata and the coast of Cabo Frio and Buzios, protected for the APA.
The archaeological occurrence of Pau-Brazil, small farms, endemic plants, the phenomenon of the resurgence and the low index of rain becomes the special region in ecological terms, this turns Morro das Emerencias one of the best places for the eco tourism in Buzios.
Ecotourism in Buzios. In your vacation to Búzios visit Serra das Emerências.
Mono León Dorado - Buzios - Brasil
Serra das Emerências - Buzios - Brasil
Serra das Emerências - Buzios - Brasil
Serra das Emerências - Buzios - Brasil
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