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The islands situated around Búzios pass in a significant way, the vital energy that forms the peninsul. Well integrated at a peace and beautiful enviroment, they fulfill the ecosystem of the continental plataform of our region, helping to diversify even more our vast and rich marine fauna.
The islands of the peninsul reservate to you some nature perfections. At a boat hide you can get to know the islands of Âncora, Branca, Caboclo, Feia e Gravatás, at a pleasent trip. A great tip is to include these islands at your diving rout or at a nice fishing trip.

Ilha Feia:
Its a mandatory stop for the scuna rides. Uninhabited and with beautiful beaches is one of the best references of the left side of the peninsul. It was given this name because it was discovered by the back side, that only shows a big rocky wall with no vegetation.

Ilha dos Gravatás:
It can be seen from the Geribá beach. Its an exellent diving spot.

Ilha da Rasa:
Private island. It can be seen real close on the boat rides. This name was given by being close to the Rasa beach.

Ilha do Caboclo:
A small island near the Cantos beach pier. Excellent spot for fishing.

Ilha Da Âncora:
Visited by the professional divers.

Ilha Branca: Close by the João Fernandes beach, its another spot visited by the boat rides.
Ilha Feia - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha Feia - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha Feia - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha Feia - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha Feia - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha da Âncora - Buzios - Brasil
Ilha Rasa 
 - Buzios - Brasil
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