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Shoppings Centers
Buzios shopping might seem a little tame to the uninitiated the city is far more geared to partying, dancing, drinking and beach-lounging but there are some real gems to be picked up in certain specialty stores that you just won't find anywhere else in the world.

There are many places you can go to experience the best in Buzios shopping, but one cluster of stores stands out from the rest.
Rua das Pedras is a small street that is closed off to cars in the center of Buzios' commercial district.
Autor: Rebeque
In here you can find a cluster of small curio shops, cafes and restaurants and just about all of the handcrafted items that Buzios has to offer.

The stars of the show here are Buzios' major exports: Buzios fountain pens and Rio de Janeiro violin bows. These might not sound like everybody's cup of tea, but just wait until you see the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating these items. All of these items can be found at the best prices in the Buzios shopping center of Rua das Pedras, and stores. Cacha?a a Bordo and ?mbar, two highly reputable stores in the area, will both sell you a hand crafted Rio de Janeiro bow or Buzios pens.

Apart from Buzios pens and Pernambuco bows, Tenda in Rua das Pedras carries all this season's high fashion, without the crowds and haggling associated with Buzios shopping markets.

Here you can pick up just about any men's and women's fashion items at very reasonable local prices.

The store is over 600 square meters and carries hundreds of brands, so if you want to find this season's hottest at the lowest price, this is one Buzios shopping destination you shouldn't miss out on.
Autor: Felipe Terra
There are also numerous Buzios shopping centers with stores that carry this season's hottest designs at incredibly low prices. If you come from the US or Europe you can pick these items up for less than half of what you would pay back home. Go to Richard's for high end men's fashion, and try out Farm, Sandpiper and Osklen for women's fashion.

You will often find that Buzios shopping is orientated around the fishing industry, and there are many fish markets you can browse if you want to try your hand at cooking some local Buzios delicacies. If you go into any of the Buzios curio shops you can usually find handcrafted Buzios maritime artifacts, souvenirs and curios.
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