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Located downtown, Rua das Pedras (Rocks' Street) is the most famous street at the Região dos Lagos. It works as a meeting point, a shopping center at open sky, with local and international stores. The leisure area is filled with casual bars and restaurants for all tastes, gathering the best at Búzios.

The most important thing is that, in this little street, completely taken by pedestrians, you can see the Búzios' soul. Casualness and elegance walk hand in hand, while charm and sensuality play their seduction game, capturing the attention of the suntanned bodies walking freely.
Rua Das Pedras
Author: Facchini

The five senses are stimulated in a delicious sunset at Rua das Pedras. The vision is astonished by the change of colours in the sky. The audition is delighted with the sweet laughs and the calm speech of the people taking a walk.

The smell is divided between the sea breeze and the perfume coming from the kitchens, announcing what's to come. To the taste are offered the local titbits and refined dishes, in company of a delicous juice, a refreshing beer, a special wine. Finally, the touch thrilled by a hug, celebrating another night with a kiss.
Rua Das Pedras
Author: Felipeterra
Oh! Rua das Pedras, you could well be the street of sighs, joy, smiles, or simply the street of living well. If in the middle of the path there was a rock, in the middle of Rua das Pedras there is a path. Choose yours.
Rua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das Pedras
Rua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das PedrasRua Das Pedras
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