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A Little Piece of History
When you make a trip to Búzios, as you do your research, you'll find that the French played a significant part in its history . It was French pirates who in the mid 1500's made great friends with the local Tamoio Indians and harvested Brazilwood to take back with them to France.

But didn't the Portuguese discover Brazil?

Yes, but because of the nooks and crannies of the Buzios Peninsula, the French were able to work with little hinderance from the Portuguese.

It lasted only twenty years until finally the Portuguese had enough.
Date: 1964 - Brigitte Bardot with Bob Zaguri in Buzios, Brazil
Photo: mptvimages.com
In 1575, the whole area was cleansed of the Tamoio and the French. Portugal's D. Antônio Salema, the newly appointed Governor of Rio de Janeiro, massacred the tribe of Tamoios and expelled the French.

Some of Tamoios escaped and again formed friendships again with the French, who were back to smuggling Brazilwood. It wasn't until 1615 that the Portuguese rid Búzios of the French.

Some creative entrepreneurs turned to planting bananas in the nearby flats, but eventually Buzios would revert to what nature provided best - fish.

And it was a tiny fishing village with few homes when again in 1964, the French paid a visit. Actress Brigitte Bardot, near the prime of her career, arrived in Rio in January of 1964, to enjoy time with her Brazilian boyfriend Bob Zagury. Bardot couldn't even venture outside Zagury's oceanside apartment because of the paparazzi. She had almost decided to simply fly back to Paris when she came up with a plan she hoped the media would agree to.

The plan was to let Zagury's friend, French photographer Denis Albanèse, who had been living in Rio for about ten years, journal Bardot's vacation in Brazil and simply share the photos with the press if they agreed not to hound her. The plan worked.
A thrilled Bardot was able to venture out in Rio, incogneto, wearing a coat and black wig. But days later, boarded Zagury's yacht to beautiful Angra do Reis and eventually north to Búzios. No need to travel in disguise, Brigitte Bardot walked the beaches of Búzios and enjoyed it so much she stayed until mid April.

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